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Q’s and A’s

Busy, busy, busy lately getting ready for the Walk; so much to do and looking forward to the trek.  The time is drawing near and training is going well…working up to 20 miles a day.

Some questions have come in lately that you may have also wondered about:

Q         We want to go to the “starting” point of the Walk at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in Buxton, NC on Thursday, March 1 but would like to stay in the same hotel with other followers.  Any recommendations?

A          The lighthouse is on the outer banks of NC and approximately 51 miles south of Nags Head.  From my starting point I’ll head north from lighthouse on Hwy 12 toward Nags Head then I turn west; over the William Baum Bridge (Hwy 64) and toward Manteo.  Although there are motels in Avon and Buxton, you may prefer a hotel in Nags Head or Manteo and then drive south to the lighthouse in Buxton for the start of walk.  You may consider:

Nags Head Inn

4701 S. Virginia Dare Trail

Nags Head, NC 27959


(2.2 miles south from Jockey’s Ridge State Park and 51 miles north from the lighthouse). They are quoting $75 per room per night but you may get a discount with AAA or online booking.

If anyone is interested in having dinner as a group the night before or after the start of the walk, let me know and we will reserve a dining room at a local restaurant.  Not sure how many of you want to go to the start but would be thrilled to have you join us. (*Note: When walking 20 miles per day, it will take me 2.5 days just to walk to Nags Head.)

Q         What time does the “Start” of the Walk begin?

A          The plan is to start at 10am on Thursday, March 1, 2012.  I normally start much earlier than this when training but would like to accommodate those who will come out to join me on walks and it looks like we will have a dozen or more friends there.  Or maybe this will give you time to drive to Buxton for the start and drive back home and not have to spend the night.  Let me say thank you to those who are coming to cheer me on, even if you don’t walk with me.  The spirit is there and this means a lot to me.

Q         When will you walk through the Raleigh area?

A          If  there are no injuries, bad weather, road detours or other unknown delays involved, I plan to be in Raleigh on Thursday, March 15 at noon.  The path goes north on Wilmington St. toward the Capitol where I hope to meet those who would like to walk with me down Hillsborough St. toward the Bell Tower at the NCSU campus and maybe on to Cameron Village from there.  The date is a definite but the location has not been set in concrete yet.  The best way to know for sure is check the website ( periodically to get the latest information.  I have to be flexible with the plans because of unknown variables.

Training in Miramar Beach, FL

Q         We want to make plans to be at the “finish” line in Santa Monica, CA; when/ where/what time exactly will that be?

A          Once again there are a lot of variables to this walk but the plan is to be at the Santa Monica Pier on Sunday, Sept. 2 (probably afternoon), Labor Day weekend.  I can’t believe how many of you have said you will be there.  This is fabulous and Brenda and I appreciate your loyalty, encouragement, and support and think this would be a wonderful way to celebrate the end of a grand accomplishment in my life and our 45th wedding anniversary on Sunday with our family and friends.  We already know of eighteen family/friends who plan to make the trip and probably stay a few extra days to experience Disneyland and Universal Amusement Parks; Hollywood’s Walk of Fame; Rodeo Drive; Dodgers game; Getty Museum; Gene Autry Museum; Rose Bowl; the Hollywood sign; Grauman’s Chinese Theatre; tour of Paramount Pictures Studio; China Town and so much more.  If you would like hotel recommendations in the Santa Monica or Los Angeles, CA area, we will get back to you later.


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Every Body Walk…

What exercise has lowest dropout rate?
(This is not a trick question!)

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Heart Healthy Hints

* Don’t smoke.

* Maintain a healthy weight.

* Devote 20-30 minutes a day to moderate intensity exercise (brisk walking is fine).

* Eat a healthy diet.

* Manage your blood pressure.

* Keep cholesterol in check.

* Manage stress.

* Enjoy life.

(Heart Trek USA is a 3,000 mile walk across America to raise awareness of heart disease prevention and to raise funds to support the work of the AHA.)


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Thanks, Team!

Big shout out to my supporters that have played an important part in helping me get the Heart Trek USA team organized and launched for my walk across America.  

My heart buddies at the Triangle American Heart Association (Kelly, Sloan, Andre, Lauren and crew) have organized “Heart Rallies” (Cape Hatteras, Raleigh, Dallas, Santa Monica so far) across America including local news coverage and getting the word out to fellow walkers in the area to join me in my Walk.  They have also worked on acquiring donations and giveaways for me to take on the trek and helped and made suggestions on setting up the website.  They are still working hard at coming up with more ideas yet to be announced before the start on March 1.  Stay tune for more news.


Training with ZuZu in Florida. She needs work.

Family has been the backbone to my organization and support.  My wife, Brenda, has been so supportive from the beginning and works every day on each facet of the walk, including photography and web posting.  My sons are the IT brainpower.  Matt, the east coast son, developed and launched the Heart Trek USA website and has tried to teach me how to blog, tweet and post pictures on website…I am getting better slowly.  Matt is also helping with designing the logo for out t-shirts and cards.  Jeff, the west coast son, developed the walking route map on the website.  He is now working on the news coverage and a Heart Rally for the California part of the trip. All of this takes a tremendous amount of their time and it is so appreciated.  Big kudos to their families for their support and efforts too (Kat, Kaylee, Reagan, Debbie, Ashley and Olivia).

Thanks to Chuck at Metro Productions for his website suggestions and help on the design of logos for t-shirts, cards and magnets.

Even things like finding a place to park our RV during down times are not an easy task.  Thanks to Gene and Evelyn of Raleigh for letting us use their driveway during the holidays and for a few upcoming days in February.  We will have a take them camping sometime after the Walk.

My Greystone Bank friends (Theresa, Elena, Gloria, Alan, Mary, Bruce, Jeanna, Ben and Lawson) and my family (Brenda, Matt and Kaylee) walked with us last September for the Triangle Heart Walk as a kick-of of this venture. Their support is appreciated.

Thanks to all my family and friends on Facebook and fellow bloggers for your support and words of encouragement and for your suggestions on how to stay healthy and safe for the upcoming walk.  I look forward to seeing each of you as you come out and walk a mile or more with me when I pass through your town.

(Heart Trek USA is a 3,000-mile walk across America to raise awareness of heart disease prevention and to raise funds to support the work of the American Heart Association.)

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The donations button on this website is now up and running.

Much thanks to Jeff, Debbie, Ashley and Olivia for the first donation to the American Heart Association/Heart Trek USA via the website to get the ball rolling toward our contribution goal.  And to eBay for its matching gifts program.  Hope others will follow suit and make an early contribution to this worthy cause.  Also, please check to see if your employer has a matching gifts program.

(Heart Trek USA is a 3,000 mile walk across America to raise awareness of heart disease prevention and to raise funds to support the work of the American Heart Association).

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