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Media News: Follow Maggie Alexander’s report on Heart Trek USA via NBC-17 on Thursday, 3/1/12 between 6-7am.


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It’s a small world we live in. On our way to Cape Hatteras, NC today we stop for lunch at Wendy’s in Plymouth, NC an two of our Wolfpack tailgating friends from Raleigh were sitting inside having lunch. Joann and Dean Stockwell were on their way to Duck, NC to spend some relaxing time at the beach. What a wonderful surprise. So glad we ran into them because now they will joining us for dinner and participating at the Start of my walk tomorrow.

About two months ago Joann gave us a “multi-use” pot for cooking in our RV. She swears it is the best pot in the world to have around when camping. Trying to decide if we will cook chili or baked beans in the pot. She also shared ideas on how to pack small. Thanks for the gift Joann, I am sure we get a lot of use of it.

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In the final days of training. Getting excited and ready to start. Walked today on the American Tobacco Trail maybe for the last time before the official start of the walk. Enjoying the support of my family and friends.

Hope to find out that all the little problems with the RV are cleared tomorrow. Satellite TV is still proving to be a challenge. In general, everything is almost ready. RV is packed with supplies; maps are ready; schedule is set; computers and wireless internet are set-up and operational; the start is in sight.

Seven pairs of Asics shoes; eight pairs of shorts; at least twenty t-shirts; one rain suit; three caps; four water bottles; waist pack; trek pole; and one day glow jacket (see photo) are packed and will hopefully get me through the entire walk.

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We have turned our Honda Element into a mobile billboard. This will be our dinghy for the RV. Hope it will be noticed across the nation and people will stop us and want more information about our goal. Thanks again to Chuck Underwood at Metro Productions for this creative logo.

Working on the magnet decals for the RV. Should be applied in the next day or so. Thanks to Jack Rabbit Signs for their work and donation of the magnets.

Thanks to all for your help. It is greatly appreciated.

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Thanks to our friends at the American Heart Association-Triangle for the “Send Off Party” yesterday. What a wonderful surprise and great cake. We make a great team and looking forward to great results.

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Just like the Wolfpack, Hook’em Horns or Hang Loose in Hawaii hand signs, every good team could use an identifying gesture.  The PR department for Heart Trek USA (our sons) came up with this idea; see photos. We hope that as you join or cheer on my walk you will flash this sign to show your support.

Just ten days to the start of the walk and we are headed back to NC for final prep and a couple TV interviews.  Watch for my interviews on channel 17 and Time Warner (channel 14) later in the week.  Will keep you posted.

Thanks for your encouragement and support.

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App and Anniversary

Attention all walkers and runners. Found a great new I-Phone App called “Walk Watch” (see photo). Been using it for training and will certainly use it on Heart Trek walk. It measures time, distance, pace, calories burned and terrain change (if any). My walk today is shown: walked 10.9 miles in 2 hours 19 minutes and 6 seconds this afternoon at a 12:45 minute per mile pace and burned 775 calories. Love this app and recommend it to all. Cost just $1.99.
Also today is the third year anniversary of my heart attack. Feel like I was gifted an extra three years to live. Celebrating life and Valentine’s Day. Best wishes to all.

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